The Saturate Philly Metro Movement

is centered around the passion of Jesus to see the knowledge of His glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea…to build a world where there are no sheep without a shepherd.


Saturate USA has come to Greater Philly Metro, and churches have the opportunity to come together in a catalytic, unified John 17 movement to reach every home with the Gospel!

What would it look like if…

5-15 churches worked together in every zip code throughout Greater Philly Metro to:

Adopt Their Zip Code

in a John 17 strategy of unity

Adopt 1000-2000 Homes Each

for Prayer & Gospel saturation

Mobilize Believers

to hand deliver free Gospel materials to every home

Develop Unified Follow-up Strategies

to reach every family within their area of responsibility

Every neighborhood in Greater Philly Metro

will be covered in Prayer and Gospel Saturation!

Saturate USA…

is a God-sized vision that seeks to take the love of the Gospel to every home and family in the United States with the goal to help the church ignite revival in this country.

The process is simple. New Jersey churches can sign up at, receive free materials, mobilize your volunteers, then assemble the Saturation Packs with Jesus Film DVD’s, creative tracts & your church’s information, and then go into communities to distribute to homes!

Launching in Philadelphia,

and spreading into Greater Philly Metro and Pennsylvania



670,206 Households

47 Zip Codes

1 Unified Church


Can we work together to get 100% adoption by inviting churches in our church networks to join with us in this great mission to reach every heart and home in Philadelphia with the Gospel?

The goal is to have 10-15 churches working alongside each other in every zip code. This will give us attainable and sustainable saturation/follow-up neighborhood transformation strategies.

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